Hello! If you don’t already know, my name is Antonia and I’m an indie author. My debut book, Persuasion of Deceit is available now! I’m so glad you decided to drop in on my little space.

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Persuasion of Deceit

How do you fight an enemy who can turn your friends against you with a mere thought?

Raven is terrified when she hears her father and the King’s General discussing their plans to assassinate the king. She’s also determined to join their scheme. If there’s even a chance they can take down the man who’s terrorizing the country, she wants to be part of it.

The king’s power to compel people to his will is no secret. And neither is his unforgiving cruelty. But as a fresh face, Raven has the potential to get close to the king—a fact that does not sit well with her father or the man she loves.

Soon she and her friends find themselves drawn into a lethal web. At the palace, Raven is met with threats from all sides—astonishing secrets from her own past, a betrayal that cuts her to her core, and a foe who is far more intimate and chilling than she could have imagined.

The king is a master at mind games…and if they fail the penalty will be death . . . or worse.

A little info: It’s a NA (New adult) fantasy book set in a world of my own making. Though, I will say I borrowed elements from a medieval setting, maybe slightly more advanced.

Until then, I hope maybe this piques your interest just a little.